Hazardous Area Approved Electrical Trace Heating for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

The definition of a hazardous area in this context can be described as an installation where flammable gas/vapours are likely to occur in the atmosphere in normal operating conditions. Special measures have to be taken to prevent any installed electrical apparatus from providing ignition energy either in the form of a spark or hot surface which can ignite the surrounding gas/vapour.

Since July 2003, any electrical products, including Electrical Trace Heating, placed on the European market for use in hazardous areas must be certified to the ATEX directive (ATEX 94/9/EC).

The name of the Directive comes from the French ATmospheres EXplosibles and going forward a new ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) has been published, this will come into force on 20/04/16 and 94/9/EC will be repealed.

Individual countries have there own safety standards which include:
Russia: GOST R
Canada: CSA

The IECEx Scheme is currently being developed which is the future route to global compliance certification.
A complete range of ATEX approved Trace Heating Cable, components and thermostats are available to suit all applications.

Virtually all of these products have multiple certification for all the other countries listed above, for further guidance and technical information please mail or call.