Frost Protection for Pipework and Inline Equipment

If the ambient temperature is low enough for long enough insulation alone will not prevent the onset of freezing.

This was most evident in 2010 when the UK experience long periods of sub zero temperatures. Domestically many homes lost their central heating when condensate drains froze shutting down their central heating boilers.

Pipework freezing is very much a factor in industrial and commercial environments, splits or cracks in pipework cause expensive leaks and widespread damage.

Self regulating heating tapes continue to be the most popular cable for this application combined with an ambient air sensing thermostat.

With the thermostat set at 5 ºC, if ambient temperature drops below this set point the heating is energised to protect against the possible onset of a freezing condition.

Self regulating heating tapes have the technology to reduce the level of heating they dissipate relative to the environmental temperature in which they exist. As temperature increases the heat output reduces providing a “Built In” over temperature protection.

Specific power outputs, protective outer jackets and withstand temperatures are available to suit ranges of pipe sizes and environments.

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