The basic concept of electrical trace heating cable is the heat generated when an electric current is passed through a resistive conductor.

Heating cables are widely used in industry, to provide frost protection and temperature maintenance, normally applied to the external surface the heating cables “trace” the route of the pipework or equipment.

Also referred to as Heat Tracing and Surface Heating many different types of heating cables are available to suit specific system requirements and designs.

Thermostatic control is considered best practice for any trace heating system; this provides both control and energy efficiency.

Along with most other heating applications, Electrical Trace Heating requires a design input to achieve a functional heating circuit or system.

The design process can be divided into three stages, namely: –

1. Calculation of required heat.
2. Quantification of heating cable length.
3. Selection of appropriate heating cable type.

The requirement for a design input can be a relatively straight forward process, please mail or call for guidance and technical advice.