SAVE IT, some of us are old enough to remember the energy saving campaign of the 70`s, high on everybody’s agenda should be the requirement to save energy and cut carbon emissions. Total Thermal services Ltd continues to offer energy saving systems, which are by…

Protective Insulation Jackets for Harsh Environments

Process equipment is increasing being required to operate and significant sub-zero temperatures and high-tech insulation jackets can provide a solution to protect and ensure operational performance. Experiencing ambient temperatures as low as minus 50°C the featured jacket incorporates 50mm thick closed cell nitrile rubber insulation infill.

High Temperature Component Testing Jackets for F1 Racing Team

Components within a Formula One racing cars experience extreme temperatures and testing regimes are extensive. Total Thermal Services provide high temperature heater jackets for many different applications including PID controllers for very close temperature control.

Heat Recovery Ductwork Insulated

I recent times alternative coverings for external insulated ductwork have been launched onto the market which on occasions have proved to be problematic. Birds pecking at the covering resulting in water ingress has been the biggest problem. Total Thermal Services Ltd has adopted an “aluminium…

Boileroom Pipework Insulated for Replacement Boilers

A programme of replacing existing boilers with energy efficient modern boilers is taking place nationally and Total Thermal Services is participating in this process by insulating the associated pipework. The featured project includes high performance phenolic foam insulation with Isogenopak cladding finish.