Buried Pipework Re-Insulated after Pipework Repairs

Protecting underground insulated pipework from water ingress and mechanical damage is a challenging combination. Water is the prime threat to insulation efficiency because it increases heat flow and significantly contributes to pipe corrosion under insulation. Featured above is a district heating main re-insulated with phenolic…

Mini Electronic Thermostat Launched For Heater Jackets

Sized 80mm Wide x 80mm High and 60mm Deep our New Mini Thermostat provides the perfect solution for jacket mounted temperature control on small heater jackets. Used in many industries including food production, small heater jackets provide temperature maintenance on valves and other process equipment.

Insulation Upgraded at Animal Feed Factory in Yorkshire

Investment in energy conserving thermal insulation is often overlooked even though the financial savings can be significant and the pay back periods surprising. Total Thermal Services Ltd was proud to be contracted to remove existing failing insulation and replace with new to both process pipework…

Protective Insulation Jackets for Harsh Environments

Process equipment is increasing being required to operate and significant sub-zero temperatures and high-tech insulation jackets can provide a solution to protect and ensure operational performance. Experiencing ambient temperatures as low as minus 50°C the featured jacket incorporates 50mm thick closed cell nitrile rubber insulation infill.

High Temperature Component Testing Jackets for F1 Racing Team

Components within a Formula One racing cars experience extreme temperatures and testing regimes are extensive. Total Thermal Services provide high temperature heater jackets for many different applications including PID controllers for very close temperature control.

Heat Recovery Ductwork Insulated

I recent times alternative coverings for external insulated ductwork have been launched onto the market which on occasions have proved to be problematic. Birds pecking at the covering resulting in water ingress has been the biggest problem. Total Thermal Services Ltd has adopted an “aluminium…

Boileroom Pipework Insulated for Replacement Boilers

A programme of replacing existing boilers with energy efficient modern boilers is taking place nationally and Total Thermal Services is participating in this process by insulating the associated pipework. The featured project includes high performance phenolic foam insulation with Isogenopak cladding finish.

Oil Jacketed Bitumen Pipework Insulated & Clad

As part of an expansion programme by a national company we have we have recently completed insulation work on a new asphalt plant in Yorkshire. Insulation was provided to oil jacketed bitumen delivery & return pipework.

A New Acrylic Production Line Insulated & Clad

Mobilised at short notice we have recently completed insulation work on a new acrylic powder production line for an international manufacturer. Insulation systems provided incorporated steam & condensate, process hot water pipework, heat exchanger, filtration vessel and process dryer.